Pigeon Clock Center

This page will feature information regarding clocks, distributors, spare parts etc etc. Information is currently being sought from all members.

Mechanical Clocks

Australian Clock Servicing
Ralph Johns - (03) 97626424 Boronia, Melbourne.
Rob Freeland, 66 Chester Pass Road, Albany, WA. Ph- 0419 776 866 for installation of batteries and service of Junior T3 clocks.

STB Manual Clock Instructions
STB Quartz Clock Instructions
STB Clock Modification

International Clock Parts Suppliers
Boddy & Ridewood - Clock Glasses
Boddy & Ridewood - Thimbles
Boddy & Ridewood - Keys
Boddy & Ridewood - Pigeon Clock Parts
Boddy & Ridewood - Ink Ribbons
Boddy & Ridewood - Clock Paper Dials
Boddy & Ridewood - Clock Rolls

Jedds - Clock, Posts/Hooks
Jedds - Clock, Spare Keys
Jedds - Clock, Supplies
Jedds - Clock, Thimbles

Siegel Pigeons - Clock Accessories

Foy's Pet Supplies - Race Supplies

Global Pigeon Supplies - Clock and Club Supplies

South Australian Homing Pigeon Association may be able to supply clock consumables,
contact information SAHPA

Electronic Timing Systems (ETS)

Benzing Australia
Benzing Product/Parts Catalogue
Benzing G2 ETS Guide written by Jim Savage

Mega clocks, Icom chips and chip rings
Mega Fancier Instructions

Unikon Electronic Timing Systems, accessories and e-ring supplies,
Australian Distributor
Alan Long
P O Box 5373 Red Hill, Rockhampton 4701
Ph. 07 49265447, Email
Unikon Downloads

Bricon Manuals
Bricon Club Master Manual

TauRIS information

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